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New video of Dust cover PRO

I have placed new video with presentation of Dust cover PRO on YouTube.


New dust covers PRO version is available, more information in dedicated chapter here.


New photo-gallery dedicated to Dust cover PRO with mounted scope and red dot.

With thanks for great help to staff of IBOCZ shop/e-shop!




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The new version of dust cover with rail is here!


Lite Version



This version is the right choice for users who want to preserve their gun in original condition with original parts, moreover to have a possibility to use any modern aiming devices on the gun. This new dust cover with Picatinny rail is de/attachable in few seconds.



More details in dedicated part here.


Development of accessories for CZ 858 (VZ 58)


The story begins when I bought my CZ 858 Tactical and try to find a way how to add some aiming device like Scope or RedDot. There are old devices which need drilling into gun and increase its size. In that time there was available also one rail system but when I examine details, it does not work for me. I decided to develop my own system. I have several requirement for my rail system, e.g. it must be fixed on gun under all circumstances, it must keep the adjustment after taking off and on the gun, it should be possible to use it with guns which are customized - new color. I have learned new prototype as well as production methods and create first prototypes. After testing some changes were done and the first series were produced. See details below


The original which is used on stock gun, just a dust cover...


The first series, dust cover with integrated weaver rail mount system.


You can find more details in dedicated chapter here.









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